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Annual Review 2012

We were improving our Doors live sound in 2012. Songs like Universal Mind have become part of our sets again. New additions were You Make Me Real and Blue Sunday.

New concert locations were Lutzmannsburg, Mürzzuschlag and Brno where we were headlining big festivals and the Hard Place in Zagreb as well as the Interspot Studios Vienna as our new club gigs.

Man more concerts in Maribor, Rijeka, Vienna, Upper Austria, Innsbruck and Zurich were on our schedule, too.

New videos were added, edited by our Jason Boiler himself. About 840.000 videos were downloaded from our youtube-site www.youtube.com/baronlejois and one of them, a Zagreb performance of Break On Through has been watched over 265.000 times.

Plus we have more than 4.500 fans on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/doors.experience.

We are looking forward to seeing you on our Tour 2013!


December 21st, 2012

A new concert date has been added for 2013. On March 22nd we will play the Schlachthof Wels for the very first time.

Two concert dates for 2013 have been moved: We will play at the “Back to The Roots” in Apetlon on April 20th, and at the Vienna Reigen on May 17th.

We wish you all a merry Christmas! Also a happy New Year to those who won’t be able to celebrate the New Year with us in Innsbruck or Zurich.


December 8th, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Our concert in Maribor was a big success – you’ll find a Facebook gallery by Tomaž Strmčnik here.

Our upcoming concert on Sunday, December 30th, is a free concert at the Innsbruck Treibhaus.

For our Now Year’s Eve concert at The Doors Celebration in the Alte Kaserne Zurich there’s a Facebook event page here.

On April 13th, 2013, we will play the “Back to The Roots” club in Apetlon/Burgenland once more.


November 19th, 2012

For our upcoming concert in Maribor on Friday, November 30th, tickets can be obtained here.

The concert is also on Facebook.


Oktober 26th, 2012

New concert dates for 2013 have been added. In April we will play at the Luckyman Concerts in Bavaria, in May at the Vienna Reigen, and in December 2013 we’ll be back at the Kammgarn in Hard Vorarlberg.


October 17th, 2012

New concert dates have been added: On Friday, November 30th, 2012, we are going to play the Stuk in Maribor once more. On Thursday, February 21st, 2013, we will play at the Szene Vienna again.

Tickets for our New Year’s Eve show at the Alte Kaserne in Zurich can be obtained here.


September 30th, 2012

Our upcoming concerts: a sold out Vienna show on October 4th, a show at the Innsbruck Treibhaus on Dec. 30th and once more a New Years Eve show at the Alte Kaserne in Zurich.


April 6th, 2012

Our Stuttgart concert (April 7th) has been cancelled due to health problems. If you have purchased your ticket via Easyticket, please get back to them to receive your money back. Further details will be anounced.


February 4th, 2012

On Saturday, April 7, we will play the Stuttgart Wagenhallen once more, right in the middle o the infamous „Stuttgart 21“ area. Meanwhile we managed to be part of the Wagenhallen’s “Hall of Fame” alongside such luminaries as Bill Evans, Jan Delay, Samy Deluxe, Konstantin Wecker, Maceo Parker, Get Well Soon, Shantel, Jimi Tenor, Jazzkantine, Funny van Dannen and many others.

Swiss fans will be able to see us again on June 2nd as headliners at the History Of Rock Festival, which will take place in the revamped Alte Kaserne in Zurich.

Our videos on youtube have been downloaded over 700.000 times up to now, which makes us a little proud.


January 14th, 2012 You might have noticed, that our web design has been altered. Jason Boiler himself did the re-design of what now resembles what we do on-stage: playing like the Doors did live on stage back in the 1960s.

By the way thanks for your appreciating our new web design so much!

Our first concert in the Czech Republic will take place on April 13th. We will be playing the big Večer Legend Festival in Brno. Czech Republic will then be the 12th state we have been touring so far.

On June 7th, we will play the Vienna Reigen club once more.

For our upcoming concert on Valentine’s Day at the Szene Wien, Vienna, pre-sale tickets can be purchased from nearly every Austrian ticket retailer plus on-line here.


January 4th, 2012

More than thousand fans have celebrated the last weekend of the year 2011 with us in Innsbruck and Zurich. Especially for those who couldn’t attend we wish you all a happy New Year!

Loredane Grasso has put a gallery with pics from the Zurich concert on-line here.

On Facebook you can add yourself to the list of people coming to see us at our Valentine’s Day show in Vienna (February 14th, Szene Wine).

Pre-sale tickets for our headlining the “Legends of Rock” festival in Lutzmannsburg on May 18th can be purchased here.



Annual Review 2011

We’re looking back on a year filled with anniversaries. Jim Morrison had died 40 years ago, The Doors had been recording their legendary debut album 45 years ago, and we from The Doors Experience celebrated our tenth anniversary at the Reigen club in Vienna, with almost all of our former band members attending.

For Jim’s 40th anniversary of his death we played two huge concerts, which were crowded by 3000 plus fans each, on at the Sparkassenpkatz in Innsbruck /Tyrol, the other at the big Lent Festival in Maribor / Slovenia. A few weeks before that we had a crowd of more than 1000 in the heart of Vienna. More excellent concerts in many a new location were played in Zagreb, Spielfeld, Saalfelden, Timelkam, on an old castle called Stixenstein. We played the Bergamo area in Italy again and had harp players John Lee Harper and Cesar join us for Roadhouse Blues and a few other tunes on stage.

The tour 2011 came to a closure once again in Innsbruck and Zurich with our legendary New Year’s Eve show at the re-launched Alte Kaserne, attended by fans from all over Europe and more.

For professional reasons our bass player Jürgen Schaupp could not play most of this year’s concerts. That is why we switched our line-up to that of the Doors’ live shows in the 1960, with Klaus playing all the bass parts on the bass keyboard. So from now on we are a four piece concentrating on the very sound of the Doors’ live albums. Anyway thanks to Jürgen and all other former bass players we had.

Due to many requests we had our fan t-shirts also produced in 6 small sizes for children, whereas 7 sizes for grown-ups from S to 4XL are available as well. Plus we had a second button designed, showing our lead singer Jason. T-Shirts and buttons are available at our concerts or just write an e-mail to presse@thedoors.at

A lot is happening on our youtube-site www.youtube.com/baronlejois, where our songs have been downloaded about 700.000 times up to now. Our video of Break On Through recorded in Zagreb has been downloaded about 220.000 times now.

Download figures of songs on www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience have risen enormously once more. At the end of the year we counted 2.7 million downloads.

Plus there is a whole lot going on at www.facebook.com/doors.experience where most of the new concert pics can be found. Plus contests and rare video clips, which are not even on youtube.

We are looking forward to seeing you again during our tour 2012!.

„Take it as it comes!“