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Annual review 2008

As almost usual by now we started our 8th year of touring as THE DOORS EXPERIENCE in Zurich at the New Years Eve Doors Celebration with hundreds of enthusiastic fans, who came from all Swiss counties, Germany, Western Austria, Italy, France and Croatia.

 A change in our line-up took place in 2008. Our bass player Martin Plangl told us that he would quit the band for good by the end of the year due to personal reasons. Our new bass player Jürgen Schaupp took over bass duties on January 22nd in the Vienna Reigen club on the occasion of Martin’s farewell concert. Since then Jürgen has adapted well into the group as a musician and friend.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE 30-12-08 Zürich, Foto: Loic D.But the year 2008 had even more highlights for us in store: We have played concerts in 10 different countries this year, many of which we visited twice. New additions were Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In these countries plus in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland and Austria we gained loads of new fans. Another first for 2008 was that promoters in Italy and Turkey had us go to their countries by plane.

Like in every year we also added songs to our repertoire in 2008: Strange Days, L’America and the song Soft Parade in its full length. The fans highly appreciated this special treat.

Due to many requests we had our fan t-shirts also produced in 5 small sizes for children, whereas sizes from S to XXL are still available as well. One set of kids sized shirts has been set aside for Paul Bergmaier, Klaus’s baby boy who was born on February 19th 2008 as the first child within the group.

Some new mp3s were added to www.thedoors.at in 2008, as well as some new video footage from this year’s Zagreb concert. A lot of this is happening on our youtube-site www.youtube.com/baronlejois ab. Download figures of songs on www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience have risen enormously once more. At the end of the year we counted 2.4 million downloads. Plus in December our Croatian fan Tihana started the Official Doors Experience Fan Site on myspace.

The year 2008 was closed like it was started: in the tightly packed Innsbruck Treibhaus and the Alte Kaserne Zurich.

On December 27th European TV channel arte premiered the documentary „Jim Morrison lebt” (Jim Morrison is alive), which starts off with footage of our concerts in Austria and Slovenia. Plus it features interviews with Jason “Jim” Boiler and enthusiastic fans. This show will also be broadcast on ORF1 and 3sat in 2009.

Our tour year is well documented on www.thedoors.at, where we also reworked the navigation bar, re-opened the forum plus added new galleries and press reviews.

We are looking forward to seeing you again during our tour 2009! 

„The soft parade has now begun, listen to the engines hum!“



Dec. 24th, 2008 Our second concert in Belgium's very own Route 66 club (Verviers) last saturday was as satisfying as our first gig there in spring. Enthusiastic fans from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and even South Africa were there.

The other day we played our first concert in the Netherlands. Given that it was a sunday evening, we were the more stunned that hundreds of fans of all generations have come to celebrate with us. We'd like to thank especially the excellent sound engineers and the very friendly crew at De Pul.

The documentary "Jim Morrison lebt!" featuring performances of us plus interviews with fans and band will be broadcast for a second time on trans-European art TV channel arte on Monday, January 5th, at 10:55. See also our tour dates page for the transmissions.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE wish you a Merry Christmas!


Dec. 16th, 2008 On-line from now on: the OFFICIAL DOORS EXPERIENCE MY SPACE FAN PAGE. Tihana from Zagreb/Croatia programmed www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperiencefanpage, which we gladly enjoy. Thanks a lot, Tihana.

"This is the land where the lizard king died", was what we were thinking during our first concert in France, which took place in Meisenthal last weekend. The hall was packed with fans from France, Germany, Austria and even Croatia. We had a lot of fun and all the audience enjoyed themselves. France will surely see us again.





Fotos: Loic Duliscouët


Dec. 8th, 2008 Happy Birthday Jim!


Dec. 5th, 2008 We’d like to announce two more dates for you:

Croatian fans can mark March 14th, 2009 in their calendars. Our annual concert at the Zagreb Boogaloo will take place then. We are always looking forward to playing there because, it’s a really hot place.

Another date is something like a dream come true for many fans. We will not only play in a location close to your home, but right inside your living room. On December 27th trans-European TV channel arte will broadcast the TV documentary “Jim Morrison lebt!” (Jim Morrison is alive) at 22:15. It contains original Doors footage from the 1960s and 1970s plus live footage of our November shows. A German film crew with director Gerd Zimmermann came along to our concerts in Austria and Slovenia. Besides filming our show they made interviews with enthusiastic fans and with us musicians. More about the programme can be found on www.arte.tv. The documentary will also be broadcast on 3sat and ORF1 in 2009.


Nov. 26th, 2008 Our concert at the Maribor Stuk from Nov. 8th is now remembered in a photo gallery comprised of 22 pics. You can also see the team, which filmed the concert for a TV documentary due to be transmitted in about a month. Details tba.

Thanks to Loic Duliscouët for sending us the photos.


Nov. 10th, 2008 A successful weekend of touring lies behind us. On Friday we played the MUKE festival at Csaterberg, Southern Burgenland. The promoters were professional and caring. The concert became a rousing party within a few tunes. We also had a good time with support act The Subcandies, who featured legendary singer Ronnie "Rocket" Urini as their special guest. Thanks a gain to the MUKE culture club. Here are some pictures by the promoters.

Our debut at students club Štuk in Maribor (SLO) on Saturday reminded us of our Zagreb concerts. Right from the very start the crowd sang, danced and partied along with us. The placed was tightly packed with Doors fans, perfect for us playing the entire piece "Soft Parade" as the new addition to our repertoire. A Slovenian fan put already 4 songs of the concert on youtube.

We are glad that we were able to present these two excellent shows to the German film crew who accompanied us for this tour. The footage will be transmitted on European TV channel "arte" on December 27th, and on other channels in the weeks after. Details coming up.

 Fotos: Loic Duliscouet


Nov. 6th, 2008 This weeks concerts will be captured on video by a German film crew. But not only our performance will be documanted, fans will also be filmed and interviewed.

New press reviews are on-line.

On our video site www.youtube.com/baronlejois you can witness our musical past, since there are two videos by jazzrock outfit "Big Apple" (1992-1995), with whom Jason, Klaus & Christoph played songs of their own. Plus you will find rare footage of the group "The Valve" featuring Jason playing an impressive 3 minute funk bass solo in 1997. A must see for fans of funk & fusion!

For those who wonder what baronlejois means, it is an anagram of "Jason Boiler".


Oct. 29th, 2008 A new concert date for 2009 has been added. On March 7th we will play our fourth concert at the “Back to the Roots” club in Apetlon.

Our forum comes in a new design. Thanks, Gernot.

For our concert on November 7th at the “AufMUKEn” festival an interesting support act shares the bill with us. The Subcandies will play right before our show. Their special guest is Ron Urini, Austrian underground enfant terrible of the 1980s and one time collaborator with Ray Manzarek. Klaus was a member of Urini’s band in the early 1990s and recorded two albums an a few singles with him.

A friend of ours, Anna Maria Ruf, has her first book published and presented it at the well-known Buchmesse Frankfurt. The Book is called “End of The Night” and was edited by Palmyra, who also published “The Doors in their own words”. The book was in many ways inspired by Ruf’s meetings with THE DOORS EXPERIENCE and especially Jason “Jim” Boiler. Up to now it is only available in German. Just meet the author on her myspace-site.


Oct. 7th, 2008 We've added a new clip to our youtube and myspace sites. An outtake of "Who Do You Love", filmed at the Stuttgart Wagenhallen on June 7th, 2008. Despite the low overall illumination the psychedelic light effects are clearly visible.

You can find our entire collection of video clips on youtube here.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 On youtube and myspace we have a little surprise for you. A sequence of "When The Music's Over" containing "a very gentle sound". Watch out!


Sept. 25th, 2008 Our first concert in France, where Jim spent the last part of his life, will take place on December 13th, 2008 in Meisenthal / Lothringern, approximately 40 kilometers from Saarbrücken / Germany. That is why we are also looking forward to meeting many of our German fans there as well.



Sept. 23rd, 2008 Our most mystic, exciting and emotional moments captured on video and mp3 have been compiled into a breathtaking medley by Jason. Goose pimples guaranteed!


Sept. 15th, 2008 The day before yesterday we played the Backstage club in Wiener Neustadt, a very sympathetic location with an interesting interior. The club was tightly packed, and the audience was marvellous. The Backstage team themselves were also very enthusiastic about our performance, which is we they booked us for another concert on April 3rd, 2009. We are looking forword to playing there again.Jason has been working himself through the vaults and has dug out some of the best tour footage of the last five years to compile it into a video clip for "The Changeling", opening song from the L. A. Woman album. Enjoy!


Sept. 10th, 2008 Another Croatian city will be part of our tour schedule in spring 2009: Rijeka, well-known pulsating port town of the Adriatic Sea. Live music club Stereo Dvorna is part of the scene there. On March 13th, 2009, we will meet our Croatian fans there.


Sept. 9th, 2008 Here you see some brand new pics from the Almenno Rock Festival, which we headlined on Saturday, September 6, in front of over 2000 fans - some of which had come from neighbour countries.

We'd like to stress here, that the festival team was extremely caring, friendly and enthusiastic, which resulted in everybody having a really good time.

Two new concert dates for February 2009 have been added: Garching / Bavaria and Schwanenstadt / Upper Austria.

New press reviews have also been put on-line.







Sept. 3rd, 2008 Pics from our concert at the Vienna Reigen have come in. This time we've prepared a slide show with music for you. We'd like to thank the photographer Matthias Silveri. Enjoy!

Two more mp3s have been added: End of The Night and Peace Frog. We'd like to thank Andreas Neubauer, sound engineer at the Reigen club.


Aug. 25th, 2008 Our first concert date for 2009 is confirmed. On January 29th we will play the "Szene Wien" for the first time, one of Austria's most reknowned locations, best known for the many international top-acts who have played there.


July 24th, 2008 For our upcoming concert at the Vienna Reigen club on August 2, we can announce a very special support act: The Danes, a group with many a familiar face. Just come and see! We guarantee you a very special concert. By the way, having a support act does not mean, that our performance is shorter. We well play two full sets with a total of over 25 songs.


July 14th, 2008 Immediately after a strong cloudburst we entered the stage at the Ambria Music Festival last Saturday. More than 1000 fans have come there, this year there were also some from France and Croatia.

While last year's Ambria concert took place on Klaus's birthday, we had Jürgen celebrating his birthday this year on the large stage at this Northern Italian festival.

All those who came despite the thunderstorm had a pleasing evening. Once more our thanks go out to the festival team, who made us enjoy ourselves again.

We hope to be able to present you more pics of the event as soon as we receive them.

Foto: Tihana Novosel


July 9th, 2008 Today we've passed an important milestone. We have had more than 2 million plays of our songs on www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience. We are very proud of that.


July 7th, 2008 Culture club Muke just confirmed, that we will be definitely headlining their next "Aufmuken" event at the Weingasthof Csaterberg (in Kohfidisch / Southern Burgenland) on November 7th, 2008. Details are to be found on our Tour Dates page.


July 3rd, 2008

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end

There will never be another like you
There will never be another one who can do the things you do...

R.I.P. Jim Morrison (1943-1971)


June 30th, 2008 Our two latest concerts were succesful and well crowded. The unique natural scenery of the Woodrock Festival in Winden am See saw more than thousand fans creating a great open-air feeling. The tighly packed Treibhaus in Innsbruck proved once more that indoor concerts can also be memorable events. Sheer never ending ovations and deafening screams are things we usually only know from Croatia, Italy and Switzerland. But the Innsbruck fans know how to put themselves on top of it.

For October 11th there is a new concert date. Cultur club MUKE gets us to headline the AUFMUKEN event on the Csaterberg in Kohfidisch, Southern Burgenland.


June 17th, 2008 On youtube you can find a clip of us performing Moonlight Drive live at the 2006 Feast of Friends (Magdeburg/GER) filmed by a fan in thee crowd. Therefor visual quality of the footage is not among the best, but the recorded sound is far above average regarding the circumstances. Enjoy!

This Saturday, June 21st, we play the Woodrock-Festival, an open-air concert in Winden on the Neusiedler See. We will enter the stage at 09:30 pm.

For those who are about to come to our Innsbruck Treibhaus concert on June 27th, there is double good news: once more this is a free concert, and for soccer fans: there is no match of the European Championship on that day.


June 10th, 2008 Many came to see our respective first concerts at the Culture-Club Timelkam (Upper Austria) and Wagenhalle Stuttgart. A lot of feedback is to be found in our guestbook and on the Wagenhallen site. We like to thank the sound engineers of both concerts, who were a pleasure to work with.

There were pictures taken and films made during both concerts. We are looking forward to being able to present you some of it soon.

At the Stuttgart concert we met some well-known fans of the German Doors scene: Iris Wilke (alias Flugschatten), Jürgen Bamberg (alias jimlizardking.de, who came all the way from Hamburg) and Anna-Maria Ruf, whose novel "End of The Night" is to be published very soon. In her novel there will be some impressions of THE DOORS EXPERIENCE.

Jürgen Bamberg has also put a gallery of the concert on-line here. Your password to access the gallery is “Stuttgart”.


May 21st, 2008 Due to elections in Slovenia our concert in Maribor will be postponed from October 4 to November 8.


May 15th, 2008 Damir Torma took pictures of our Zagreb concert and wrote a review for groupie.hr. This review is now available over at our press reviews section in English and German. On this occasion our thanks go out to Croatian fan Tihana, who translated the review from Croatian to English for us.


May 9th, 2008 Just as we expected, there is already a picture gallery of our Zagreb concert (May 3rd) on-line, shot by a fan. Plus a little video documentary, that gives you an impression of the way Doors Experience concerts are celebrated in Croatia's capital city.

There is also an illustrated concert review in Croatian language over at our Press Reviews section.

Our concert date at the Vienna Andino will be cancelled, the reason for this being their concert promoter Claudia K., who works for another concert venue from now on. She ist now in one of Austria's top music clubs, the Szene Wien. Therefore we will be announcing a concert date at this legendary club soon.


May 6th, 2008 Our second concert on May 2nd at the KuKe club in Leoben/Styria is captured in a gallery by the promoter.

Our sixth Zagreb Concert on May 3rd was a special treat again. There is no such audience as the crowd in Croatia’s capital. Again more than 1000 have come to celebrate with us. The majority of the audience were screaming young girls, therefore the scenery reminded us of Beatles concerts or early Rolling Stones performances. Jason had a hard time reaching the back stage area unharmed, because fans pulled him right off the stage on occasion of hunting for personal souvenirs at the end of the show. The concert was captured by many cellular phones and cameras, so there should be a load of pics up here – as soon as we get them mailed – or someplace else on the web.

On Sunday, May 4, an in-depth interview with Jason was broadcast nationwide on Croatia’s HR 2 channel in the morning show Suskalica.

For our first concert in Stuttgart’s Wagenhallen pre-sale tickets are available.

Good news is up for our fans in Vienna and lower Austria. We play Vienna’s Reigen club on August 2 once more.

Our first exclusive concert in the Netherlands will be almost a Christmas show. It will take place in Uden’s club “De Pul” on December 21.


April 23rd, 2008 Good news for our fans in Slovenia and the countries nearby: on October 4th we will play the big reknowned rock club "Stuk" in Maribor for the first time.

We are also looking forward to playing next weeks concerts in Leoben / Styria (May 2nd) and Zagreb / Croatia (May 3rd). Tickets are up for sale for both concerts.


April 14th, 2008 Marco Schneider and Peter Reisinger posted a report about our last week's Halle concert in the forum. Uwe Huhn, programmer of the oldest German language DOORS website, contributed some photos. It was a great evening. Marco, singer of a DOORS Tribute Band himself (Stoned Immaculate), joined Jason onstage during the scatpart of Roadhouse Blues.

It was also a pleasure to have Jürgen Bamberg, another exquisite German DOORS connoisseur there, who took the long journey way down from Hamburg to Halle.

On the very next day we played our first concert in Belgium, that is at the "Spirit of 66" in Verviers (which was awarded "Best Live Music Club in Europe"), a location that is frequented by top notch rock musicians on a weekly basis: members of Toto, Deep Purple, Yes, Genisis,  Supertramp, ELP appear there regularly, as well as Focus, Dr. Feelgood, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly, Jefferson Starship, Marillion, Nazareth, Paul Rodgers, Ten Years After, Van der Graaf Generator and many more.

The club was packed with fans from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The atmosphere was gorgeous and the promoter was pleased. That is why he booked us for yet another concert on December 20.


April 9th, 2008 Pics of our gig at Planet Music Vienna are on-line. Some of them show Christoph's new John-Densmore-styled Ludwig drum set.

New bassman Jürgen Schaupp's was augmented with his biography and some new photos. We'd like to thank Waltraud Marsoner for her pictures.

in the meantime www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience has had more than one million hits up to now. The mp3-Songs even range up to 1,85 million plays.


April 8th, 2008 On April 3rd we played our last concert in Planet Music Vienna as it has been known for many years. The club, Austria's penultimate rock music venue, will move into another famous building in Vienna, the Gasometer. Pics of our farewell to the old venue will be available soon.

Our first concert in Instanbul was something special to all of us. A van came to pick us up from the airport and drove us to a large apartment, very close to the Pulp club. Concerning the catering, we were given everything a musician can dream of. Plus we had a sightseeing trip through this exciting town. On this occasion we'd like to thank Onur, Burak and the entire Pulp team for making us feel like home.

Given the fact, that Onur is a photographer of class, we also did a lengthy photo session in his studio, the outcome of which you will see soon.

The concert itself was received with enormous enthusiasm in a tightly packed club. Right from the very start the audience danced and sang along intensively.

On Friday, April 11, we play our third concert at the "Objekt 5" in Halle /Germany.
All initial pre-sale tickets were sold out quite fast, which is why the promotor stocked up the number of pre-sale tickets once more. But there are also good chances for you to get few more tickets on the concert evening.

The day after (April 12) we are looking forward to playing Belgium for the very first time. That is, the "Spirit of 66" a top-notch rock venue in Verviers near Liège.

Fotos: Onur Kawthar

 Onur Kawthars Websites:  http://brutalster.deviantart.com  www.artlak.com


March 30th, 2008 From now on there are badges with our Doors Experience trademark available. Please write to presse@thedoors.at or contact us after our concerts, if you're interested.


March 19th, 2008 Lower Austria's most read weekly journal "NÖN" has dubbed us "Artists of the Week". They also report about our newly add bass player Jürgen Schaupp. You can see the article here.

Rehearsals with Jürgen are prospering. We've also added another Doors song to our repertoire, which we enjoy playing very much, but we won't tell which song it is yet. It will be unveilled at our April concerts - 4 gigs in 4 different states. So the first opportunity to hear the song is on April 3 in Vienna's Planet Music. Make sure to be there!

April 3 will also be the very first occasion for you to watch an listen to Christoph's brand new "Original Mod Orange" Ludwig drum set. We as his fellow musicians could already catch a glance of it during our latest rehearsal. Like many Doors fans might know John Densmore switched from Gretsch to Ludwig drums reportedly in 1968, because he enjoyed the drum sound of Ringo Starr so much.


March 6th, 2008 More good news for all our German fans: on June 7 we will play the reknowned arts club "Wagenhallen: Kunst in Stuttgart" for the very first time. Together with our appearance in Halle on April 11 this is going to be our second concert in Germany this year.


March 5th, 2008 Another premiere is coming up for us on April 5: our very fisrt concert in Turkey. Istanbul's "Pulp Live Music Bar" celebrates its 4th anniversary and decided to have their favourite European Doors tribute band performing on this special occasion. We are looking forward to playing this concert on the eastmost point of Europe and receiving feedback from Turkish Doors fans.


Feb. 20th, 2008 Yesterday Klaus' wife Andrea gave birth to their first son Paul, called after many famous musicians. Klaus is proud to be the first father in THE DOORS EXPERIENCE. Here you can see Paul and leave him a message in the "Gästebuch" if you'd like to.


Feb. 13th, 2008 We are proud to announce two more European concert dates.

Like last year we will be headlining the Ambria Music Festival in Zogno/Italy on July 12th, 2008. Plus we will play our traditional New Year's Eve concert in Zurich's Alte Kaserne again this year.


Feb. 12th, 2008 A new concert date has been added: September 12th at the Backstage club in Wiener Neustadt, a location we have not played yet.


Feb. 2nd, 2008 "L. A. Woman" - one more live video-clip  from our Zagreb concert 2007 has just been put on-line. Enjoy watching it!





Jan. 30th, 2008 Pics of our Reigen concert by Waltraud Marsoner are on-line. Thanks, Waltraud, for capturing Martin's farewell concert and Jürgen's debut.

Our new bass player Jürgen Schaupp has his own biography page now, which will be updated with information soon.

For summer 2008 there are already many requests by concert promoters. On the first day of summer, June 21st, we will be headlining the Woodrock Festival in Winden on the Neusiedler See, which is located well for all our fans from Vienna, Lower Austria, the Burgenland and Hungary.

Speaking of the summer...

Not only in summer our fan T-shirt is a fashionable piece of clothe. All sizes from S to XXL are in stock again, plus we have a limited edition of junior sized shirts (in five sizes from XS to XL) now. If you are interested write an e-mail to presse@thedoors.at


Jan. 24th, 2008 On Tuesday, 22nd, we celebrated the kick-off of our eighth year of touring at the Vienna Reigen club. It was also a farewell concert for our bass player Martin Plangl. Lots of fans have come, friends of Martin waved a banner especially for him to have a decent farewell. Even Martin’s predecessor Hermann Draxler was present. We’re glad that he’s still so close to the band.

Right before the concert break “When The Music’s Over” was Martin’s last song with us, before our new bass player Jürgen Schaupp entered the stage and took over bass duties, while Martin took the opportunity to dance with the crowd.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE last gig with Martin  - Reigen, Vienna 2008-01-22

Jürgen will be presented on his own bio page soon. We can tell you that he’s part of a big and well-known family of musicians from Mautern near Krems, Lower Austria. He has been playing live in various outfits for many years.

Jürgen managed to deliver a stunning debut, the audience appreciated his performance. We will present you some pics of the evening and maybe some sound files shortly. On this occasion we’d also like to thank the excellent sound engineer Andreas Neubauer(funkytown-productions, mail@andreasneubauer.info).


Jan. 12th, 2008 Due to many requests we've put another highlight from our video archives on-line: a performance of Riders On The Storm from our concert at the Zagreb Boogaloo in 2005. Enjoy!


Jan. 9th, 2008 On April 11th we'll play our third concert at the "Objekt 5" club in Halle. A great location, and after quite a while another date for our fans in Germany.

Plus pics of our latest show at the Innsbruck Treibhaus are on-line. Thanks to Andreas Eppensteiner for taking the pictures and to our biggest Tyrolean fan "Fuzzy" Marianne for sending us the CD containing the photos.


Jan. 8th, 2008 Good news: Not only do we have the pleasure to present you new colorful pictures of ourselves on the navigation bar, the forum is open again. We hope that it will not be spammed again and welcome your input.

On May 2nd we will play the Kulturkeller in Leoben / Styria for the second time.


Jan. 5th, 2008 We hope you had a marvellous New Years Eve and wish you all a happy New Year!

We met many of you during the last few days, because we had full house and a lovely time at the Innsbruck Treibhaus and in the Alte Kaserne Zurich.THE DOORS EXPERIENCE with Fans - Andino, Vienna 2007-09-14

Loredana Grasso already put a gallery of the Zurich concert on-line. A set of pics from the Innsbruck show is on its way, as is our traditional review of the past year.

Concerning the Tour 2008 we have good news for you: On April 12th we will play Belgium for the first time, that is at the reknowned live music club "The Spirit of 66" in Verviers near Liége.




Annual Review 2007

As almost usual by now we started our 7th year of touring as THE DOORS EXPERIENCE in Zurich at the New Years Eve Doors Celebration with hundreds of enthusiastic fans, who came from all Swiss counties, Germany and Western Austria.

On this occasion we’d love to say thank you to our Swiss fan Rita Lottenbach, who set up a Doors Experience fan page. You can find it in our link list since the beginning of 2007.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE with Fans - Andino, Vienna 2007-09-14American fans set up the page www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience for us, which is now maintained by us. There is an enormous amount of hits on this site. Since March 2006 the songs were downloaded almost 1.7 million times.

But the year 2007 had even more highlights for us in store: in Zagreb we 1500 fans on our concert, then in May we played two concerts in Zurich for the 10th anniversary of „The Doors Celebration“. During one of the concerts we entered the stage immediately after Woodstock veterans Ten Years After, who shared the bill with The DOORS at the legendary Isle of Wight Music Festival in 1970.

In July we set new standards concerning our audience capacity: About 5.000 people were at the Grossmünsterplatz in Zurich’s old township, when we played the biggest annual open air festival there. Approximately 2.000 fans crowded the Piazza Europa in Ambria / Italy (near Bergamo), where we topped the bill of the Ambria Music Festival.

The year 2007 was closed like it was started: in the tightly packed Innsbruck Treibhaus and the Alte Kaserne Zurich.

Many new mp3s were added to www.thedoors.at in 2007, as well as some new video footage from this year’s Zagreb concert.

Like in every year we also added songs to our repertoire: Queen of The Highway is another highlight for Klaus and his Fender Rhodes. End of The Night has been added, so that we are now able to play the entire debut album, which we did on certain occasions to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this groundbreaking record. The fans highly appreciated this special treat.

Due to many requests we had our fan t-shirts also produced in XXL, whereas sizes from S to XL are still available as well.

A change in our line-up is also on ist way. During the second half of 2007 our bass player Martin Plangl told us that he would quit the band for good by the end of the year due to personal reasons. This was sad news for us, but we had enough time to look for an outstanding replacement. Our new bass player will be presented on January 22nd in the Vienna Reigen club on the occasion of Martin’s farewell concert.

We hope to see you many times on our exciting forthcoming tour in 2008!

„Let it roll, all night long“




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