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Annual Review 2007

As almost usual by now we started our 7th year of touring as THE DOORS EXPERIENCE in Zurich at the New Years Eve Doors Celebration with hundreds of enthusiastic fans, who came from all Swiss counties, Germany and Western Austria.

On this occasion we’d love to say thank you to our Swiss fan Rita Lottenbach, who set up a Doors Experience fan page. You can find it in our link list since the beginning of 2007.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE with Fans - Andino, Vienna 2007-09-14American fans set up the page www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience for us, which is now maintained by us. There is an enormous amount of hits on this site. Since March 2006 the songs were downloaded almost 1.7 million times.

But the year 2007 had even more highlights for us in store: in Zagreb we 1500 fans on our concert, then in May we played two concerts in Zurich for the 10th anniversary of „The Doors Celebration“. During one of the concerts we entered the stage immediately after Woodstock veterans Ten Years After, who shared the bill with The DOORS at the legendary Isle of Wight Music Festival in 1970.

In July we set new standards concerning our audience capacity: About 5.000 people were at the Grossmünsterplatz in Zurich’s old township, when we played the biggest annual open air festival there. Approximately 2.000 fans crowded the Piazza Europa in Ambria / Italy (near Bergamo), where we topped the bill of the Ambria Music Festival.

The year 2007 was closed like it was started: in the tightly packed Innsbruck Treibhaus and the Alte Kaserne Zurich.

Many new mp3s were added to www.thedoors.at in 2007, as well as some new video footage from this year’s Zagreb concert.

Like in every year we also added songs to our repertoire: Queen of The Highway is another highlight for Klaus and his Fender Rhodes. End of The Night has been added, so that we are now able to play the entire debut album, which we did on certain occasions to commemorate the 40th anniversary of this groundbreaking record. The fans highly appreciated this special treat.

Due to many requests we had our fan t-shirts also produced in XXL, whereas sizes from S to XL are still available as well.

A change in our line-up is also on ist way. During the second half of 2007 our bass player Martin Plangl told us that he would quit the band for good by the end of the year due to personal reasons. This was sad news for us, but we had enough time to look for an outstanding replacement. Our new bass player will be presented on January 22nd in the Vienna Reigen club on the occasion of Martin’s farewell concert.

We hope to see you many times on our exciting forthcoming tour in 2008!

„Let it roll, all night long“



Dec. 23rd, 2007 THE DOORS EXPERIENCE with Fans - Andino, Vienna 2007-09-14THE DOORS EXPERIENCE wish their fans from all over the world a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

One of our truest fans from the Tyrol, Tina Holzner sent us a picture of her new-born baby boy “Vinnie” (Vincent), who got dressed appropriately for his first photo shooting. We already consider having our fan T-shirt produced in XXS.

Speaking of the Tyrol: on December 30th, we will play the Tyrol’s first adresse concerning live music again, the Treibhaus in Innsbruck. It’s a free concert!

The very next evening we play our fourth New Years Eve show in Zurich’s Alte Kaserne. We are sure that we will be able to welcome Doors fans from all over Europe again for this occasion.


Dec. 19th, 2007 Good news for our fans in Croatia. We have just been booked by the Zagreb Boogaloo once more for May 3rd, 2008. We are looking forward to meeting all our Croatian fans again.


Dec. 7th, 2007 The Bauhof Pettenbach has put a gallery of our last concert on-line. Thanks again for this beautiful evening in Upper Austria!

A new concert date has been added on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, 2008 in Vienna’s Reigen club. This is going to be a special occasion for us, since it will be the farewell concert for our bass player Martin Plangl, who leaves the band for good because due to his wish.

Martin will be followed by another experienced musician, who will make his stage debut with us on the very same occasion. We won’t tell you more yet about our new member. Just come there, see and hear yourself!

The weeks after that will be full of rehearsals and Klaus will become a father then for the very first time. Afterwards, approximately in March, we will head out for the big Tour 2008.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 A few pictures from our last concert in the Planet Music Club/Vienna (Nov. 23) are online now.


Dec. 1st, 2007 We'd like to remind you of our concert on December 7th in Purkersdorf near Vienna being cancelled again due to problems the location still has with noise emission. We hope to be able to play there in the future, as soon as everything is fixed.

A new date has been added for June 2008. The Culture Club in Timelkam / Upper Austria is run by no-one less than legendary concert promoter Jeff Maxian, who contacted us personally.

The audience really enjoyed our last two concerts in Planet Music Vienna and Pettenbach's Bauhof. We will present you some pictures as soon as possible.

And finally we've put a second gallery of our Italian summer festival gig in Ambria on-line. Promoters have sent us the material this week.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 Four months were really worth the wait. The promoters of "Ambria Music Festival" in Zogno near Bergamo/Italy have put a gallery of our concert from July 2007 on-line these days. Just click here and scroll right down, since we were the very last band to perform.

Two thousand enthusiastic have come there. Some of you will notice quickly, that we had our former bass player Hermann Draxler helping out on the gig. Thanks again for being the substitute, Hermann!


Oct. 30th, 2007 "Musik-Kulturclub" in Lembach (Upper Austria) is the meeting place of a crowd, that knows how to dance and have a real good time. That is what we witnessed when we played there on October 27th. The club was tightly packed, dancing starting within the first few bars we played. If you want to have a look at how it was like or get a preview of our upcoming concerts, just visit this gallery.


Sept. 18th, 2007 Here you can see three of our young true fans Felix, Michael & Conor. Lately met in Vienna's music club Andino they are just some of all those people, who come to our concerts dressed up with a Doors Experience-T-Shirt. The three of them dancing all night, they deserved a nice picture together with band members for their memory album. You have done a great jobs, lads!

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE with Fans - Andino, Vienna 2007-09-14

Photo: Andreas Mitterer

Next occasion for rocking it the Doors way is our concert in Apetlon's "Back To The Roots", an extraordinary location, where we play on September29th for the third time.


Aug. 16th, 2007 Due to technical reasons lying not within our competences, but with the forum provider OneTwoMax, we have to shut down the forum temporarily. We're sorry!

For our upcoming concert at the Andino, one of Vienna's most famous live music clubs, tickets can be ordered by phone (+43 / 699 / 10 22 41 36) or here.


July 24th, 2007 Our journey to Zogno near Bergamo (I) was accompanied with heat and stress, but the concert there at the "Ambria Music Festival" was absolutely worth it. More than 2000 excited Italian Fans in the lovely township of Ambria and a team of promoters who really knew how to make musicians feel comfortable.

Klaus celebrated his 36th birthday right there on stage, and he coulnd't think of any better place to do that.

On bass we had our Hermann Draxler, who was member of THE DOORS EXPERIENCE from 2003 to 2004. He's still an energetic and skillful player. Thanks, Hermann, for standing in so quickly for Martin who couldn't play the gig because of a small illness


July 15th, 2007 Our galleries of the concerts in Innsbruck an Zurich are on-line.

Zurich professional photographer Dodo Wochner has also put some pics of our concert on the web. Thanks a lot!


July 9th, 2007 Last weekend we travelled hundreds of miles to play for many hundred fans in Innsbruck and for about 4000 in Zurich on the city's biggest open air-festival. The weather was always fine and so were the audience. Two of our best concert experiences ever.

THE DOORS EXPERIENCE im Volksgarten Treibhaus Innsbruck, 2007-07-06                           THE DOORS EXPERIENCE, Grossmünsterplatz in Zürich, 2007-07-07

(Fotos by W. Marsoner)

On rockhighway.ch you can see some pics from Zurich, our own galleries will be put on-line soon.


July 3rd, 2007

R.i.P JIM!


June 20th, 2007 We are looking forward to this weekend's club gigs (KIK Ried and Mark Salzburg).

Two new dates have been added for autumn: on October 27th we will play the Musik-Kulturclub Lembach / Upper Austria, and on November 10th we will ba part of a big festival going on in St. Johann / Tyrol. Details tba soon.


May 31st, 2007 Our friend Gernot W. Freudenberger has made an impressive photo series of last week's concert in Heidelberg on his page www.buehnenbilder.com.

He also wrote a report about the concert (in German) into our forum, which have also transferred to our press reviews  - thanks a lot, Gernot.


May 30th, 2007 Ein brandnew mp3 of "Break On Through" in full length is on-line.


May 22nd, 2007 The preliminary last video of our Boogaloo concert – “Touch Me“ – is on-line now.


May 18th, 2007 We've just put the gallery of our Zurich concerts from May 11th & 12th on-line for you.


May 17th, 2007 On May 11th and 12th we travelled to Switzerland. Our Swiss promoter Pino Quaresima celebreated 10 years of his “Doors Celebration” events with 3 days festival, which had us share the stage of the “Alte Kaserne” with legendary British group Ten Years After, who played Woodstock as well as the legendary Isle of Wight Festival (with The Doors, The Who and many others).

From our point of view TYA are still a top notch group, an opinion most of the audience will share. On May 11th they played all their hits in absolute perfection in their entire original line-up (with the exception of guitarist Alvin Lee). Their soft-hearted and open-minded bass player Leo Lyons even posed for a photo with Jason.

The other morning we all had a nice chat with TYA again during breakfast back at the hotel we shared. It was a pleasure and honour to meet these giants of rock.

The second night of the festival found us in our usual slot, as headliners in the tightly packed “Alte Kaserne”, with a dancing crowd who pushed us and themselves to the peak, when we did more free improvisation than ever on some Doors songs.


After all, it was an exhausting, exciting and succeful weekend for us in Zurich. We were glad to have so many fans not only from all over Switzerland there, but from Germany and Austria, too, coming there especially to watch our show. We’re gonna meet our Swiss fans again on July 7th when we will headline the “Zürifäscht”, an open-air festival in the inner city of Zurich.

 Fotos by W. Marsoner


May 2nd, 2007 Our concert in Purkersdorf has been postponed by the promotor. It is said to be rescheduled for December 7th, the very day before Jim's 64th birthday.


April 26th, 2007 "Soul Kitchen" - one more live video-clip (Thanks to Waltraud Marsoner for filming!) from our Zagreb concert has just been put on-line. Make it groovy!


April 25th, 2007 New concert dates are here:

This Sunday, April 29, we are playing the final event of the Ride'n'Roll festival on the castle of Kaprun/Salzburg.

The end of June sees us play in an exclusive club called "Die Bühne" in Purkersdorf near Vienna.

Our concert at the Innsbruck Treibhaus has been postponed by the promoter. We are therefore gigging there one week later, on July 6th, the very day when school's out for summer.

November 23rd is our rescheduled date for the Rockdomizil in Amberg/Germany, and the day after we play the "Kulturzentrum Bauhof" in Pettenbach / southern Upper Austria.


April 23rd, 2007 Yet another live video clip from the Zagreb Boogaloo is on-line. Since we played the entire Doors debut album in its original sequence, we also played the meaningful Crystal Ship, which prompted the crowd of 1500 to sing along as one. We wish you some heartfelt moments while watching the clip, just like we had while performing.


April 21st, 2007 After a long break we are finally proud to present you another brand new live video of ours: Break On Through, the opener of this year's concert at the Zagreb Boogaloo is on-line. Captured in the clip is not only the famous Doors song but also the great Croation audience enjoying themselves.


April 11th, 2007 The eagerly awaited gallery of  of our Boogaloo-concert in Zagreb (Croatia) is on-line.

"The crystal ship is being filled

A thousand girls, a thousand thrills

A million ways to spend your time

When we get back, I'll drop a line....."

(JIM MORRISON, 1943-1971)


April 1st, 2007 Just returned back from Croatia we proudly can tell that we topped one more time our annual concert in Zagreb: 1.500 enthousiastic fans - more than ever - crowded Zagreb's Boogaloo Club last night to sing and dance along our show. Every year it's a great pleasure for us to perform for the fantastic Croatian audience! The picture galery will be on-line as soon as our webmaster is back from his holidays. If you have been at the Boogaloo last night, don't hesitate to post your comment in our guestbook!


 Fotos by W. Marsoner


March 19th, 2007 New concert dates were added. Among them a two-days festival in Zurich on May 11 & 12, celebrating 10 years of The Doors Celebration. We are proud to play with Woodstock legends Ten Years After there and have the privilege to play as the festival's headliners on both days. On July 7th we are in Zurich once more, playing the city's biggest open-air festival, the "Zürifäscht" in the historic township.

Further tour dates are to be found here.


March 3rd, 2007 We are glad to present you the pics of our concert at the Planet Music Vienna. The delay was due to our photographer Waltraud who took a trip to Mexico immediately after the gig.


Feb. 21st, 2007 Due to technical reasons concerning the venue, our concert on March 3rd at the "Leuchtturm" had to be cancelled. We are sorry, but looking forward to seeing you in Zagreb.


Feb. 15th, 2007 Many fans asked for a mp3 file of People Are Strange. Loads of requests were made by our overseas fans on www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience

That is why we have a new live version on-line now. Enjoy!


Feb. 5th, 2007
Our concert at Amstetten's Yum Yum club starts earlier than announced.  Instead of 11 pm, we will start at 10.30 pm. Doors open at 9 pm.  
Many thanks to our Swiss fan Rita Lottenbach, who invested her time and talent to program a Doors Experience fan siteFrom now on you can find Ritas site on our link site.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 A new live version of Spanish Caravan has just been put on-line. René delivers an extra lengthy and brilliant guitar intro.


Jan. 20th, 2007 As an appetizer for our upcoming concert at Vienna's Planet Music on Friday, January 26th, we have a brand new live mp3 recording of "Roadhouse Blues" on-line. During this eventing we will perform the entire debut album by The Doors in its original sequence for the very first time. Tickets are available directly from Planet Music or on-line.

"Let it roll, all night long!"


Jan. 19th, 2007 Andreas Eppensteiner has a "flash creations" galery of our Traunstein concert on December 16th on his website. (Thanks, Andreas!)


Jan. 9th, 2007 A small gallery of our New Year's Eve concert in Zurich has been put on-line.


Jan. 7th, 2007 A small gallery of our Treibhaus concert (Innsbruck, Dec. 30th, 2006) is on-line. Pics of Zurich are on their way. An emotional and in-depth report of the Innsbruck concert by our Tyrolean fan Marianne reaches our forum and is also presented here.

The year has bearly begun, as new concert dates keep rolling in. We will play the Zagreb Boogaloo on March 31st this year.

The Innsbruck Treibhaus will get played again on December 30th 2007 plus on another date tba. Pretty much the same goes for the Alte Kaserne in Zurich, where will play another New Years Eve concert 2007/2008. Further Doors Celebration dates for Switzerland to come soon.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 A happy New Year 2007 full of energy and success to all our fans!

Our New Year's tour to Innsbruck and Zurich was another great success this time. In the Innsbruck Treibhaus and the Alte Kaserne Zurich Doors Experience fans of all generations proved once more that our live Doors sound is suitable for "The End" of the year.

In Innsbruck we also presented our brand new T-shirts for the very first time. You can see one of them in the picture, which you can click to enlarge. The shirts are available in S, M, L & XL. They were produced in a socio-economic project by recovered and help-seeking drug addicts. This sign of solidarity with those low down must be seen in connection to Jim's personal fate. If you are interested in one or more of our T-shirts just contact our press department (mailto: presse@thedoors.at)

We enjoy having more and more young fans at our concerts. Jason "Jim" Boiler states: "The euphoric audience reactions of our young fans plus what fans tell us in personal discussion after the shows proves that age means no restriction in your being attracted by Doors music paired with Jim's poetry. The deep impact of that on the audience and our special rendition of the material which leads to these emotional effects really makes us proud of what we do."

2007 has some important anniversaries coming up. 1967 saw the release of two important albums. "The Doors", without much doubt the most groundbreaking debut album in rock's history, and "Strange Days", another very strong effort by the group.

To commemorate the release of the first album we are going to play the entire album in its original sequence on certain occasions. The first time you get the cance to be in for this very special treat is our concert at Planet Music Vienna on January 26th.




Annual Review 2006

As almost usual by now we started our 6th year of touring as THE DOORS EXPERIENCE in Zurich at the New Years Eve Doors Celebration with about 700 enthusiastic fans, who came from all Swiss counties, Germay and Western Austria.

In early January we played the Objekt 5 in Halle/Saale (Germany), which had been sold out weeks before. Also to a more than excited audience, which led to our being booked for the top location once more for July 2006.

Concerts in the best of Austrian clubs (Planet Music Vienna, Treibhaus Innsbruck, Kammgarn Hard etc.) plus various gigs abroad (Zagreb/Croatia, Luzern & Frauenfeld/Switzerland and our long awaited first Bavarian concert in the tightly packed club Metropolitain Traunstein) paved our way through the year, the penultimate appearance being once more our headlining at the huge German Doors festival “Feast of Friends” in Heyrothsberge near Magdeburg. Thanks to those who came from near and far to see us there.

During another concert in the German Saarland we had a guest appearance by non other than Darryl Read who jammed and rapped with us for quite a while during our rendition of Gloria. Darryl, who has already released three albums in collaboration with Ray Manzarek, inofficially dubbed us “Most Excellent Doors Tribute Band” that night.

We put some new mp3s on-line, which were downloaded in enormous quantities. One example: The Doors hits “L.A. Woman”, "Riders On The Storm", "Light My Fire" and "The End" had almost a million downloads between August 3rd 2006 and January 3rd 2007! (http://www.myspace.com/thedoorsexperience) An American fan from L.A. has programmed this page for us. (Thanks, Gemma!)

In April we had a video to “Break On Through” filmed by two young, promising Austrian filmmakers. The video is also on-line and proves Jason’s charisma as Morrison performer once more on this media, too.

Like every year we stacked up our repertoire again. In 2006 we added "We Could Be So Good Together", "Universal Mind" and "You’re Lost Little Girl" - goodies we enjoy playing as much as the audience enjoys us perform them.

Towards the end of the year we’ve got done, what our fans have been waiting for quite while. We proudly present the Doors Experience T-Shirt. If you are interested write to presse@thedoors.at or talk to us after our concerts.

We enter our 7th year of touring highly motivated and promise you more and energy-driven Doors shows for 2007.

 Fotos: W. Marsoner  (c) www.thedoors.at


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