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Annual review 2005

  2005 was a very moving year for us. We started with a great sell-out concert in Salzburg’s Rock House. We played out third Zagreb concert, again in front of more than 1000 ecstatic fans, but this time in a new location, the Boogaloo. In May we played or first headlining set in Vienna’s most favourable rock venue, Planet Music, during one of the beloved “Rock Classic Night”. 2005 saw another Doors Celebration Spring Tour through Switzerland and some open-air concerts in summer. The penultimate experience of the summer was our appearance at the “Feast of Friends” festival in Heyrothsberge near Magdeburg, a big festival with about 1000 Doors experts as our audience and two other Doors tribute bands. We played the finale, mainly consisting of songs from “Morrison Hotel” and “L. A. Woman”. Many warm reactions by Doors connoisseurs received us after the festival, which you can read amongst our press reviews – watch out for the abbreviation “FoF” there.

In December we played an evening in collaboration with author Peter Henisch, who wrote the best selling novel “Morrison’s Hideaway”. The last two days of the year were also concert days for us. An emotionally packed appearance at the “Culture Factor Y” club in Lustenau and the Doors Celebration Night on New Year’s Eve in Zurich again. There we had the “Riders On The Storm” bring us and more than 800 excited fans into the New Year 2006.

We could extend our repertoire list again in 2006 and improved our original Doors sound again. In summer René started to take along his Spanish guitar to all our concerts, gracing the song “Spanish Caravan” with his masterful playing on it ever since.

In September Jason took a trip to Paris and brought a long a very personal report (in German) of his trip, sharing his deep thoughts with us.

Loads of feedback, press reviews, pics and stuff were added to our homepage in 2005, plus we were able to set up a new forum after quite a break.

On this occasion we’d like to thank all of you who came to our concerts in 2005 and made us all feel the good vibes. We are looking forward to meeting you again in 2006!      llllllöööö

Dec. 25th, 2005 We've prepared a special Andy-Warhol-like gallery from our last concert for you. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Dec. 24th, 2005 Last Monday we delivered an evening called “Music & Poetry” in co-operation with well-known Austrian author Peter Henisch. Peters reading from his book “Morrison’s Hideaway” (also available in English) was crossfaded with our our concert, which was accompanied with freaky and devotes dancing by the audience. We played several Doors songs, that related to Peter’s book.

As the climax of the evening Peter read out his excellent German interpretation of Jim’s poem “Have You Seen The Accident Outside?” while we softly played the introduction to “The End”. Our friend Brigitte Reiter organised the event in cooperation with Vienna’s culture club “Kulturraum 10”, during which we were able to celebrate Jim not only as musician and songwriter but also as poet. All royalties of the evening were donated to a Vienna housing project called “neunerHAUS”.

A new concert date has been added: April 8th 2006 in Sokja Loka / Slovenia. More press reviews have been uploaded.

On this occasion we would also like to wish all our friends, fans and promoters a very merry Christmas.                                                                                                            ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ

Dec. 11th, 2005 A brandnew mp3 file of Light My Fire is on-line. Enjoy listening it!                                 ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ
Dec. 3rd, 2005 We are pleased to inform you already about first concert dates in 2006: on May 20th we do our 4th concert in Zagreb's Boogaloo Club, Croatia. For July 15th 2006 we are booked for the "Feast of Friends 2", a two day festival in Heyrothsberge near Magdeburg, Germany.

Some note in addition to our "news" from Nov. 12th: Peter Henisch, Austrian writer who joins us for a charity concert on Dec.19th was recently awarded a famous austrian prize for culture in the category "literature". Congratulations, Peter!

Some new press reviews and feedbacks concerning our concert with Peter and another concert in Vienna's "Planet Music" (March 2nd) arrived. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Nov. 15th, 2005
Our internet forum had been closed for a few months. Now we are delighted to
invite you to our new
forum: it's a thread of the forum on our friend Gernot W. Freudenberger's page www.the-doors-world.com The forum is used by various German Doors websites, so you can be sure to find many postings there. Please note that you have to be registered to use the forum.

A brand new
concert date is fixed now. In Vienna's Yamaha Concert Hall we will play a special  concert on December 19th. For "Music & Poetry" we cooperate with the famous Austrian writer Peter Henisch, who recently was nominated for the German Book Price 2005. Previous to our concert Peter will read from his book "Morrisons Versteck" ("Morrison's Hideaway"). The proceeds of the event will go to "neunerHAUS", a social project for homeless people in Vienna.
Oct. 30th, 2005 We are pleased to tell you that there are already some tour dates for 2006: on January 7th we play the "Objekt 5" club in Halle an der Saale / Germany.

On March 2nd we play Vienna's Planet Music again, on April 1st it is the "Roots" club in Apetlon. Six days later there is another gig at "Mark", a concert venue in Salzburg. is another gig at "Mark", a concert venue in Salzburg.

Oct. 8th, 2005

Jason has completed the story about his short trip to Paris (in German).
Enjoy reading it.


Sept. 30th, 2005

Pics of our emotionally received concert at the castle Thürnthal are online.

Our benefit concert for homeless and unemployed youth and children in St. Pölten was a success, too. A vast amount of money has come in for youth care organisation "Ampel" to pass on to those who need it most.

On December 30th we are going to play Austria's west-most county Vorarlberg again, this time the location is the KulturKeller of youth an culture club "Culture Factor Y" in Lustenau.

Jason has just arrived from his short trip to Paris, where he amongst other locations visited Jim Morrison's grave on the Père Lachaise cementary. More pictures and Jason's personal view of the trip can be found here very soon.


Sept. 5th, 2005

We spent a truly wonderful concert evening in the lovely castle „Thürnthal“ last Saturday. The audience was open-minded and really interested in our performance and gave heart-felt ovations all the way through. Thanks to everyone involved for making this an unforgettable night.

On Friday, September 16th, we will play the VAZ hall in St. Pölten, the capital city of Lower Austria. I will be a charity concert and all the money will be given to the youth care organisation „Ampel“, that helps homeless and unemployed youth as well as kids who are victims of violence or sexual abuse. As our special guests the „Fried Freak Orchestra“ will open the show with blues and rock. You can order your tickets here.

The Austrian on-line magazine „Bohnenzeitung“ has an in-depth interview with Jason „Jim“ Boiler, in which he talks about the history of the band and his very personal approach to Jim Morrison and The Doors.


August 15th, 2005

Pics of our concert in Heidelberg and of our appearance at the Feast of Friends (FoF) in Magdeburg are on-line.

Another load of press reviews have assembled on our homepage, again featuring reports by true Doors connoisseurs and insiders concerning the FoF. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us!

By the way we’d like to adress our very thanks to Heinz Telefont who is always here for us when it comes to repairing our touring equipment.

On September 3rd we will play the romantic Lower Austrian castle „Schloss Thuernthal“. Tickets can be ordered by phone via +43 / 676 / 392 66 74 or +43 / 2738 / 7077, by mail via info@schlossthuernthal.at, at the Volksbank Fels or via the following link: Ö-Ticket.


August 8th, 2005

Positive vibrations of the Feast of Friends (FoF) still linger within us and the audience. The festival has turned out to have been an enormous success.
In our guestbook, in the promoter’s guestbook, in various forums – everywhere there is praise of the festival and the perfoming bands. We’d like to thank the promoters (Benny, Uwe and the others), their entire team and the many of you who turned up at the festival site once more on this occasion.

We have collected the very impressive (albeit only German language) reports and press reviews for you.

It is quite sure that there will be a FoF 2006, and we would love to be part of it again.

Concerning our upcoming concerts: on Friday, the 12th of August, we will perform in what must be the hippest location in Amstetten / Lower Austria, the Yum Yum.

On Sunday the 14th of August, we will play on open-air festival in Gföhl / Lower Austria, to which we recommend you to buy your tickets in advance. We have listed the occasions for your doing so in our list of
tour dates.


August 2nd, 2005

A highly successful weekend in Germany lies behind us. On Friday we played Heidelberg’s legendary Schwimmbad-Musik-Club for the third time. It was an extremely hot and steamy day, which dind’t keep us from giving our best. Two long sets were delivered to the many attending fans. René used his spanish guitar for the first part of Spanish Caravan (which he will do everytime we play it from now on). Long time fans immediately noticed this progression in our show and welcommed it warmly.

On Saturday the giant „
Feast of Friends“, Europe’s biggest Doors festival was held in the lovely woodsy open air area of the „Bunker Musikkneipe“ in Heyrothsberge, in close proximity to Magdeburg. Together with our friends of The Lizard Kings and Shaman’s Blues we created a Doors evening that neither the 1000 fans nor we musicians will ever forget. The whole concert was opened by the extremely gifted Kozmic Blue and the exquisite Peter S. Dodge Band, who played own material plus songs by Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.



We from The Doors Experience were asked to concentrate on songs from the last two Doors albums (including Jim), therefore we were chosen to close the show. After an atmospheric version of The End – thanks to the extremely participating and enthusiastic audience – we played Light My Fire as an encore and were joined onstage by all the singers and musicians of the other Doors tribute bands.

In retrospect the „Feast of Friends“ was an enormous success for all of us.
The organisation worked extremely well, and the vibrations between all participating musos were relaxed and amicable. There was absolutely no kind of rivalry amongst the tribute bands, so that the title „feast of Friends“ was more than appropriate for the entire event. Jim Morrison and The Doors were honoured just in the way they deserved it.

press reviews have already come in, just like the odd snapshot from Gernot W. F.

In the next days we will add more reactions by fans and media plus pics.

A small change in our tour schedule has to be reported here: our benefit gig in St. Pölten will not take place in the Warehouse club, but in the VAZ itself - same venue but bigger hall!


July 13th, 2005

Two more mp3 files are on-line. This time they are a snippet from Five To One plus a longer outtake of The Changeling, the roaring opener from L. A. Woman.

press reviews from different countries have also come in.


July 8th, 2005

Due to the bad weather the open air concert on the area of the SC Bad Sauerbrunn (9.7.) had to be postponed to the 23rd of July!!!


July 5th, 2005

34 years ago Jim Morrison died on July 3rd. Many fans commemorated that event by coming to our concerts last weekend. In Thalgau near Salzburg many withstood the rain and in Vöcklabruck a hard dancing crowd swapped watching Live 8 on TV with coming along and having a good time. With both concerts the promoters were so kind to us, that we enjoyed ourselves even more.


Rather close to Vöcklabruck is Timelkam, where we will play the legendary "Kirtagstanz" on October 1st.


Some press reviews have been added, as well as pics of our concerts in Baden Switzerland and Vienna’s Planet Music.


June 15th, 2005

A cold and rainy night couldn't keep Doors fans from having a good time at our concert in Schladming last Saturday. Due to time limits we were forced to reduce the length of our set drastically. Anyway we promise you the full show for our upcoming concerts.

Tickets are already available for one of our concerts commemorating Jim's death. You can order or reservate your tickets for our concert in Thalgau near Salzburg on July 1st via the Tourist Information in Thalgau by mail (
tourismus@thalgau.at) or by phone (+43 / 6235 / 7350).


June 10th, 2005 The "Doors Celebration Spring Tour 2005" through Switzerland is over. The climax of it were two concerts in Baden and Jona. Both were blessed by a friendly crowd that enjoyed themselves a lot. Plus all the staff of the locations was very nice and made us feel comfortable after the long journey. Pino Quaresima of www.thedoorscelebration.ch always guarantees top-quality events. If not earlier we'll met again on New Years Eve in Zürich!   

Two more concert dates have been scheduled. On July 9th we will play an open air concert in Bad Sauerbrunn, on August 12th we'll play the new and hip club  "Yum Yum" in Amstetten.

This Saturday night we're gonna play a free concert in the city of Schladming / Styria. We are about to kick off our show at 11:30 pm on the Wetzlarer Platz (next to the town hall). The reason for our playing there is the Mountain-bike World Cup. There's gonne be a whole lot going on around town, so be sure to arrive in time.


May 20th, 2005

We played Vienna's first address concerning rock music, the Planet Music last night. We were supported by Soul Impact and The Hailstones - a Rolling Stones tribute band.

The audience was great and had a very good time from the very first bars we played, when the aropuse from their seats immediately and all pushed forward towards the stage.

Pics will be available in the near future.


May 3rd, 2005

Some press reviews have come in from different countries. We proudly present them to you here.


April 19th, 2005

Our dear lady Jane managed to capture the spirit of our concert at Zagreb's Boogaloo club perfectly onto her photos. You can see how much the audience of a thousand and the band enjoyed ourselves alltogether.

In a month, on May 19th 2005, we will play the Planet Music (former Rockhaus Vienna) for the very first time. Austria's most famous rock club sees us play with two support acts, Soul Impact and The Hailstones, a Rolling Stones tribute band. You can pre-order your
Tickets online here.


April 12th, 2005 "The West is the best..."

This we found oh so true last Saturday when we played a huge club called Boogaloo in the west of Zagreb.

As usual in Zagreb there were approximately 1000 fans, who really knew how to party. They sang along intensively and danced their asses off, whenever they managed to grab a bit of space to do so.

We enjoyed the very young audience and ourselves and will be ready to prove what we've experienced there with the odd picture in a few days time.

Have a look on what was written into our forum about the concert:

a fanclub near zagreb



April 3rd, 2005

On April 2nd we played the "Sonnenbergsaal" in Nüziders / Vorarlberg. We and the mainly young audience had a great time. There was a load full of dancing and singing along. Even fans from the Tyrol and even from Vienna took the long way to be there. Here are the photos1 and photos2.

This saturday we will play Zagreb again, this time in a new location, the very trendy "
Boogaloo" (former OTV club). We hope to see you there.


March 22nd, 2005 Our first concert in the cinema of Aigen-Schlägl in Upper Austria was an unforgettable evening for us. The audienced received us very warmly and made us all have a good time. Here are the photos.

We'll meet again on April 2nd in the Sonnenbergsaal in Nüziders / Vorarlberg. Tickets can be ordered from Mr. Martin Frohner at the Gemeindehaus Nüziders by phone via +43 / 5552 / 622 41 80 or via kontakt@kultpur.at and at BIDI's Beverages Outlet in Bludenz. On-line booking is possible via www.kultpur.at, the promoter's website.
March 15th, 2005

Many of you have been waiting restlessly for the pics of our Hawidere concert. Plus a new press review has com in.


March 4th, 2005

On March 1st we celebrated the 36th anniversary of the „Miami Incident“ (further reading here) at Vienna’s Hawidere club. Before the concert a video (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) was shown.
As usual the Wawidere club was packed with fans of all ages. They had a good time right from the very start. In the 2nd set of the evening a „scandal“ arouse, when Jason was mooning at the audience for a very short time during „When The Music’s Over“. Nevertheless the audience and band enjoyed themselves even more afterwards. Pics of the event will be online soon.

A new concert date has been added to the 2005 tour. On September 16th we will play a charity gig for a social project in St. Pölten supporting youth. The concert will take place in St. Pölten’s Warehous Club, the hippest locations around.

For our next concert in Aigen-Schlägl / Upper Austria you can order tickets via www.oeticket.at or directly on the club’s website www.kikas.at


Feb. 17th, 2005

More pics of our Salzburg concert are on-line on the Rockhouse pages . Their photographer Wolfgang Lienbacher managed to take some excellent portraits of us. Thanks.

Two new press reviews -
Österreich-Journal and Lokaltipp.at - have been added.

For all those who look for further information on the infamous Miami incident, we've set up a special page for you. Our next concert on March 1
st in Vienna's Hawidere is to commemorate the 36th anniversary of this memorable date in The Doors' history.

We'd also like to announce two further concert dates: on April 2
nd we play in Nüziders/Vorarlberg following an invitation by culture club "kultpur", and on July 1st we were booked for a concert in Thalgau near Salzburg by "Wakuum".

The German "Feast of Friends" festival that will take place on July 30
th has its own webpage running: www.feastoffriends.de.


Feb. 3rd, 2005

More concert dates for summer were confirmed. On July 30th we will participate in Europe's biggest Doors convention this summer, the "Feast of Friends" in Magdeburg/Germany. The night before we will play in Heidelberg for the third time.

April 9th will have us play Zagreb again. This time in a very hip location called the "

Our two concerts for the "Doors Celebration Spring Tour 2005" in Switzerland will take place at the   "
Nordportal" (former "Halle 36") in Baden and at the "ZAK" in Jona on June 3 & 4.


Jan. 23rd, 2005

Positive reactions on our concert in Salzburg still keep comimg in. On this occasion we'd also like to thank Andreas Eppensteiner, a photographer from the Tyrol, who presents his pics of the show here.

Festival dates for the summer are also coming in. Two dates are already
confirmed: On August 14th we will play on a three day festival in Gföhl, in the romantic Wood Quarter of Lower Austria. On September 3rd we will enter the stage in one of Austria's most impressing castles, Schloss Thürnthal, that is open air on the castles main inner square or - in fact it rains - in the great Knight's Hall.

For this Friday's concert in Kirchschlag (at the disco Leuchtturm) you can order tickets by phone: +43 / 664 / 15 26 765.


Jan. 18th, 2005

Pics of our concert in Salzburg's Rockhouse are on-line.


Jan. 17th, 2005

Our debut at Salzburg’s Rockhouse surpassed all our expectations. The concert was transferred from the Rockhouse Bar to the big concert hall due to enormous ticket pre-sale figures. And even the big hall was tighly packed with fans of all ages.

Right from the very start the crowd pushed us forward to bring out the best in us.

Anyway, had so much fun this evening, that we could have played on for ever.

Besides people from Salzburg, fans arrived from Upper Austria, the Tyrol and Germany.

We’d also like to stress how comfortable the friendly and professional Rockhouse team made us feel that evening.

Another event like that is set for May 19th, when we play Vienna’s first address in rock, the Planet Music
(former Rockhaus Vienna).

The Doors Celebration Spring Tour through Switzerland will take place in early May 2005. More concerts on our tour dates page.

Jan. 6th, 2005

Pics of our concerts in Lienz (Dec. 30th) and Zurich (Dec. 31st) are on-line.

Due to raving reviews for our concert in Zurich on New Year's Eve, the promoter has asked us to play New Years Eve 2005 as well, which will be a pleasure for us.

Click here and you can purchase tickets for our concert at Salzburg's Rockhouse on January 14th 2005.


Jan. 4th, 2005

The Doors Experience wish you a happy New Year 2005.
Many new press reviews have been added. Pics of our successful concerts in Lienz and Zurich on December 30 & 31 will be available soon. Those of you who attended one of these concerts know that we expanded our repertoire due to many requests.

Details about the Lienz and Zurich concerts are also to be found in our annual report for 2004.


2004 in retrospect Our 2004 tour brought us to concerts in Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland for the first time. Germany, Croatia and several regions of Austria were also on the agenda just like the year before. We are extremely proud to have gained an exclusive contract with one of Switzerland’s most reknowned concert promoters, which will secure us (and you) at least four concerts in Switzerland during the year 2005.

Our website www.thedoors.at has been enriched by loads of mp3s, vidoes, press reviews and photos in 2004. Amidst all that is an mp3 of Roadhouse Blues – a live recording from the Hungarian-Austrian Picture-On-Festival 2003, where The Doors Experience played alongside well-known artists like Attwenger, Hansi Lang, Harri Stojka, Lynne Kieran, Halluciantion Company and many others. For promoters and journalists we installed a special service area (info\index_en.htm), which is always up to date.

We also expanded our repertoire again in 2004. Some of the newly added highlights are Ghost Song from American Prayer or the Doors’ version of Van Morrison’s anthem Gloria.

In summer 2004 our bass player Hermann Draxler had to quit because of an ever growing time schedule. A new bass player was quickly found in Martin Plangl, an excellent jazz musician and Doors fan. He worked very hard (with some assistance by Hermann Draxler – thanks for that) to learn all the songs. Hermann played his last gig with us in Postojna/Slovenia on the big biker festival of the “No Name Riders”. We kept good company with him, which is why Hermann re-entered the stage with us during the concert for Jim’s 61st birthday to play on of his favourites with us: Touch Me.

Besides many successful appearances in Austria, the big highlights were the concerts in Zagreb, Luzern, Berg and Brunico. Plus Heidelberg, where our concert was the meeting place for the German Doors fans. By the way we’d like to thank Uwe Huhn, Jürgen Bamberg, Gernot Freundeberger and all the others who are so supportive in Germnay.

Our guitarist René surprised us all with a brand new original Gibson SG, just like Robby played it in the 1960s. In summer René also parted with his long hair, which was also a big surprise for both bandmates and fans.

The last two days of the year were big successes in Lienz / Eastern Tyrol and Zurich, where we welcomed the year 2005 with Hello I Love You.

In retrospect: 2004 was a very good year for The Doors Experience. The promoters did an excellent job (with the odd exception) and the amount of fans could be raised further.

We’ll start 2005 with new energy and look forward to many concerts we can celebrate together with you. Tour dates are rushing in and the vast amount of e-mails, letters and guestbook entries will make 2005 another succesful year.


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